Thank you to Joe T and N0WDallas. who recommended the app S for Switch Voice.

S for Switch Voice Review

App Link: S for Switch Voice Free

It simply opens Google Now after S Voice is triggered via the Home key or by saying "Hi Galaxy" on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Special Instructions For Easy Install

Just install it and it should work, but you may have disabled S Voice in the past.  To re-enable it, go into S Voice settings by clicking on "Configure S Voice" and follow the popup message instructions.

Improve Performance

Make it a Device administrator to improve performance.  Go to Settings -> General (tab) -> Security -> Device administrators -> (check) S for Switch Voice Free -> Activate.  Keep in mind you will have to come back in here if you want to uninstall S for Switch Voice later.

Disable Persistent Notification

You'll see that there is now an item in your notification bar that's always there saying that S for Switch Voice is running.  You can buy the Pro version to get rid of it.  Or you can simply disable the notification as you would any notification by long tapping on it, going to "app info" and unchecking "Show notifications".

Pro Version

The free version is great but there's a catch, you need to enable it every Sunday.  If you would like to always use Google Now and never worry about having to set it, the pro version is $1.99.

App Link: S for Switch Voice Pro

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