Commandr Review

App Link: Commandr

Commandr intercepts Google Now's "note to self" command so that you can add voice commands to Google Now.  This app works as promised, but I found the walkthrough buggy on our Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Here is our review and tips on how to get it working.

How to Enable Commandr

After you install it, you may encounter a buggy walk-through that blocks you from using it.  Instead of following the instructions, should launch Google Now and say "note to self pause music".  When you are presented with a dialog, select to "Always" open with Commandr.

Just when you think you have gotten through a tricky maze, you are again presented with another riddle.  You are supposed to type in your answer to the written question.  However, there is no submit button.  The answer to type in is again "note to self pause music" and you will see that text box turn from red to green.  When it is green, swipe over to the next screen and select your preference.  Usually either GMail or Evernote.  You're finished!

Turn on Flashlight with Google Now

With Commandr, you can turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS sensors that you normally can't do with Google Now, although you can toggle some with S Voice.  But one new functionality that this app bring is how to turn on the flashlight with Google Now.  I'm ply say "note to self turn on/off flashlight.".

Lots of Potential, Should Improve in the Future

This app is very limited at the moment however, there is an interesting feature request button.  You can submit a suggestion, and people can vote for it.

Interfacing with Tasker App

The app lists in the settings that it can interface with the popular app Tasker.  But at the time of this article, the functionality did not work  If you are planning on using Tasker, take note that Tasker itself can be enabled with it's own voice commands, which is a lot more powerful that Commandr.

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