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Swipe Home Button Review

App Link (Free): Swipe Home Button

Swipe Home Button is a free app that aims to change how you use your home button.  And to our astonishment it solidly delivers on its promises.

A Better Capacitive-Touch Home Button

After you install it, when you swipe up from the home button, it is the equivalent of pressing the home button.  When you swipe diagonally, it brings down the notification panel.  Swipe up and down will bring up recent apps.

Recommended Settings

We've been playing with this app for a few days and here are the options that we recommend.  First, in the advanced settings, turn off tap notice and tap vibrate.  This feedback is there to let you know when you’re unknowingly touching the hot spot, but after you get used to knowing that hot spot is always there, you really don’t need to be reminded of the fact.

Second, it is more intuitive to see the notification panel come down when you do the up and down motion.  And the same thing for swiping diagonally.  It flows with how recent apps is used.  So swap these two actions.

Killer Feature: Improve One-Handed Mode for All Screens

Now here’s one amazing feature you've gained from this app.  One thing you haven’t been able to do is bring down the notification panel without some difficulty in one-handed mode.  Now with Swipe Home Button, you can bring down the notification panel easily and it feels surprisingly natural.

Tip: Remove Persistent Notification

One thing that you might like about this app is this persistent notification.  Background processes all require this, however, there is a trick to removing them from the notification panel.  If you don’t need to see this every time, you can disable it by long tapping on it, and disabling the notifications check box.

Fine Tuning

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which we tested this app on, this app seems to run perfect without any fine tuning of the hot-spot area.  However, if you run into accidental triggering of the home button you can change the size of the detection area height if you do run into some accidental swipes.

An Unexpected Gem: It Blocks Accidental Swipes for My Magazine

So if you haven’t already noticed, another thing this app does is block you from accidentally opening up My Magazine.  For some of you who use My Magazine regularly by swiping up, this app will get in the way, but if you use My Magazine that regularly, you can enable a setting so that My Magazine opens when you press the home button, when you’re at the main home screen.  If you only use My Magazine once in a while, you can still access it by doing a Google search for it.  And if you never use My Magazine, well, this app will offer something you may have been looking for a long time which is a way to disable My Magazine from accidentally opening.

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