One of the best features for the Note 3 is now possible on Note 2 (and most Android devices) with the new Google Search update. 

Big Update to Google Search: Improved Hot-Word Detection

This is big update to Google Search has hit Google Play.  There isn't a day that goes by when a curiosity strikes you and you just have to know a fact such as, "What is the bacon number for Seth Rogan?"  Now you can access Google voice search anywhere.  That includes searching from a launcher, inside of any app, from a lock screen, and even when the screen is off.

OK Google From Anywhere w/Some Limitations

There are some limitations to launching Google Search from anywhere.  One is the obvious one is that you cannot launch when audio is being recorded, which is something you want.

The other limitation is, in order to launch Google Search when the screen is off, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you have to have it charging (via USB port or AC Adapter).  It is because unlike the Note 3 which has special low power hot-word detection, most phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not have a special low power mic.  It is using the regular mic, which would consume too much battery when enabled at all times.  So this is why there is the requirement to have external power to your device to use fire off questions remotely when the screen is off.

Some Conflicts

There are new changes to Android 4.4 Kitkat that make this happen, but some apps, including the stock Samsung app Voice Recorder needs to be updated to correctly detect whether the mic is being used.

Also, there has always been a setting to launch S Voice from the lock screen ever since the Galaxy Note 2 has been available.  But this setting conflicts with the new Google Search feature.  You can disable this setting in your lock screen by unchecking "Wake up in lock screen".

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