In case you've missed it, please check out the unboxing video for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Welcome to the first part of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In-Depth.  In this video we show you how the Fingerprint scanner and unlock works.  This is a special request by Joseph Smith who mentioned that although Fingerprint scanner is listed in the specs, no one had demoed it yet on the Internet, so please enjoy the exclusive video.

First Impressions

We noticed that the only times that we did have trouble is when we weren't reading the directions.  After the first few swipes, they want you your different parts of your finger (base, sides, and the tip).  Although the button is pressable, we found it didn't get in the way at all on the scanning.  The home button is actually a bit larger than the button on the Note 3.

Overall, it seems to work more reliable than the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5 which seemed a little finicky at times.

Deleting Fingerprint Data on the Note 4

If you at any time want to delete your fingerprint data, you can go to Settings -> Finger Scanner and Fingerprint manager.  Long tap on the registered fingerprint and you can easily delete it.  You can store up to 3 fingerprints.

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