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Welcome to an exclusive unboxing of the Galaxy Note 4.  This is a Korean 32GB model from the LG U+ carrier.  It was released today on September 26 and 32GB is the only model offered here and it is currently offered in black and white.  People in the US and you’re wondering when the Note 4 will be coming out, I hear as soon as October 17 on select carriers like AT&T.

So this is a CDMA/LTE model which means it’s only going to work in Korea.  If you are looking to import, get the GSM/LTE model instead that is offered by other carriers (SKT or KT) or better yet wait for the international unlocked version.  And this was a bit of a surprise but it is the octacore (8-core) Exynos model.

Is there a difference between the Exynos and Snapdragon?  In short I think they are about even these days and even if you preferred one over the other, you wouldn’t have the option to choose.
The battery is definitely different in shape but just about identical to the capacity of the Galaxy Note 3 (3220mAh vs 3200mAh).

One improvement that’s nice is that taking the sim card out of the Note 4 is easy.  Just push from the back whereas the Note 3 required some precision tools.  You will also see that the speaker now points out from the back once again like the Note 2.  Will this mean better sound than the Note 3?  We’ll do that comparison on another video.

So here are the contents of the box.  You may notice that the earphones are identical to the note 3, except the rubber tips which are interchangeable.  It is worth mentioning all carriers opt to include earphones.  One important thing to note is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not USB 3.0 compatible.  It is back to the USB 2.0 standard.  I know this may seem like a downgrade, but there are many reasons why it made sense that Samsung went back to USB 2.0.  Such as the amount of convenience you gain vs cost.

Lastly, at first glance this adapter looks very similar to the one for the Note 2, however, you will notice it’s completely different.  It is bigger and it now has 2 modes.  A 9volt 1.67amp quick charge mode and a 5volt 2amp trickle charge mode.  Quick charging lets you charge up to 50% in 30 minutes on the Galaxy Note 4.

The metal looks great compared to faux metal on the Note 3, however I do have questions about some of their design choices such as the texture underneath the glass.  The brushed metal texture underneath the glass on the Note 3 looked very elegant, but in our opinion the texture underneath the Note 4 looks too basic.  That’ll have to be looked at more closely in future.  Overall, it’s a great successor to the Note series of phones.  And you can be sure that we plan on making many videos about the Galaxy Note 4, so please check The Daily Note.Net’s YouTube channel daily!

That’s it for the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  See anything interesting that you had a question about?  Please let me know in the comments and we’ll try to cover it in a video in the near future.  Stay tuned for in-depth videos about the Note 4!

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