300 Days of Note 8 Ep.8: Samsung Dex Turns Your Note 8 into a Sophisticated PC

300 Days of Note 8 Playlist: https://goo.gl/XWwDZv

Going in with a full expectation of exactly what I thought Samsung Dex was going to be, I was still surprised just how fluid and sophisticated the entire experience was. Everything seemed to run very smooth. Although it doesn't show in the video the UI seemed to run at 60hz, possibly higher. I am a bit excited and even worried that such a beautiful technology exists that might not receive the full adoption and attention it deserves. I highly recommend anyone looking to replace their PC if they are a light user of it to try this instead of buying a PC. For gadget hobbyist like myself, there is plenty of capability in here to where I think it still makes sense to connect to the Dex station when you need to sit down and work with the information already on your smartphone. I really hope there is a bright future for Samsung Dex because this is the perfect PC of today. It just needs a lot of support from PC software developers.

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